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PRESENT SIMPLE-Examines,is examined

PRESENT CONTINUOUS-Is examining,is being examined
Past simple-examined,was examined
Past continuous-was examining,was being examined
Present perfect simple-has examined,has been examined
Past perfect simple-had examined,had been examined
Future simple-will examine,will be examined
Modals-should examine,should be examined
Have to- has to examine,has to be examined
Be going to-is going to examine,is going to be examined

Present simple-Takes, took
Present continuous-is taking,was taking
Past simple-took,had taken
Past continuous-was taking,had been taking
Present perfect simple-has taken,had taken
Present perfect continuous-has been taking,had been taking
Past perfect simple-had taken,had taken
Past perfect continuous-had been taking,had been taking
Future simple-will take,would take
can-could   may-might    must/have to-must/had to
now.Then today.Thatday  

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