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relative clauses: who/ which/ whose/ that

pasiva: ej. Mi parents had to decide last night. They're moving to Paris. (decisison)---My parents are moving to Paris because they take the decision last night.
Used to: solía///Vocabulary: trust: confianza/ in the doghouse:(estar en un lío/en desgracia), keep your cool(mantén tu humor), on a roll(en racha), out of the blue(inesperadamente), ask out(invitar), get over(superar), get to know(llegar a saber), put up with(soportar), square up(ajustar cuentas).
assertive(positivo)/boldness(atrevimiento), guilt(culpa),happiness(felicidad),laziness(pereza),openness(sinceridad),
reliability(confiabilidad),safety(la seguridad), self-consciousness(autoconciencia), shyness(timidez)./ EACH OTHER/ONE ANOTHER: cooperate with, fight with(luchar con), trust.../GESTURE&MANNERS:apologize(disculparse),bow(inclinarse), greet(saludar),queue(hacer la cola),sneeze(estornudar), wave(saludar con la mano)/strengthen(fortalecer), weapon(arma).//Writing: I hope things are going well with you these days/The reason I am writing is../Sorry for not writing earlier/ I was wondering if.../Well, that's all for now/Looking forward to hearing from you soon/PS: Please send me photos from our last trip.

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