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-nostrils(n): the two external opening of the nasal cavity
-Cripple(n):a person who is unable to walk properly couse of a disability or injury
-blackthorn stick(n): a thin piece of wood of a shrub
-nix(n): put an end/ nothing
-squabble(n): a noisy quarrel about somethig trivial
-squander(v):waste in a reckless way
-elated(v): make somethingecstatically happy
-lass(n): a girl, young woman
-laid up(v): set down
-strutting back(v):walk with a stiff,erect,arrogant way
-nused(adj/v): beabsorbed in thoughts
-lingered(n):spend a long time over 
-motley(adj):incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate
-nod(n):to incline or sway from the vertical as though ready to fall 

TRADITIONAL: theme(society and its problems and consecuences (external)),novelist´s task(the narrator is rthe mediator),treatment of time(describing acts in cronological order) and narrative technique(3º person omniscient narrator).MODERN:theme(phychology and analysis of the mind and the thougts(interior)),novelist´s task(reader life objetively in order to give back a true imagine),treatment of time(time was subjetive and internal) and narrative technique( interior monologe and steam of conciousness)
WB YEAST: class irish family, irish protestant minority, felt as much Irish as British,"Irish republican brotherhood", abey theatre(literary theatre(far from comercial one), role of the artist(create a new culture(ireland of the past)),"the celtic twilight "essay(irish cultural renaissance),disenchantment(nationalist movement),Nobel price of lit 1923, senator of dail( on behalf of protestant minority(threatened by IRA),artistic imagination and national loyalty/THEMES: beauty and eternity, dead(conectec to BAE: the man dies),lonelinessconescted with the heroic individual(diferent from common man)-overcomes-defects(rebith)-many times before dead(conectec to man dies)/NATIONALISM: "an independent cultural identity"(more cultural that political), self division( irish nationalists and unionists)
EASTER RISING AND WAR OF INDEPENDENCE: 1903: king edward visited ireland,5 Sinn Fein was formed by arthur griffith. It encouraged the setting up of an irish perliament,8 patrisk pearse, a poet and teacher, founded St Enda´s school to teach the irish-ireland spirit,*12 the thirtd home rule bill passed through the house of commons,13 the irish volunteers were founded,14 the home rule bill was finall passed by the house of lords but it was carried out at the end os the war,*16 the military council planned the easter rising the general post office was chosen as the rising´s headquarters and patrick pearse proclaimed tha republic. Casualties includeed 318 civilians, 60rebels and 130 british troops. The rebellion lasted nearly a week. In maythe rising leaders were executed,17 Éamon de valera became the leader of the mew Sinn Fein,18 Sinn f swept nationalist ireland in the genral election,19 an irish parliament, the Dail,was established by Sinn F.The war of independence began,20 ireland was partitioned and northern ireland was established,21 the anglo-irish Treaty established the irish free state,*22 the irish Civil War broke out over the terms of the anglo-irish treaty,23 the free state forces were victorious in the irish Civil War, 49 the free state became the republic or ireland.

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