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1st. If he wins, he will be happy (Si el gana,será feliz) 2nd. If he won, he would be happy (Si él

ganara,sería feliz) Would be happy if he... 3rd. If i had studied, i would have passed (Si hubiera

estudiado,habría aprobado).

PSimple.They pass the exams>the exams are passed.PContinious.They are passing>the exams

are being passed.PPerfe.They have passed>the exams have been passed.PstSimple.They

passed>the exams were passed.PstCont.They were passing>the exams were being passed.

PstPerfe.They had passed>the exams had been passed.Fut.They will pass>the exams will

be passed.FutCon.They will be passing>the exams will be being passed.FuPerf.They will

have passed>the exams will have been passed. (must be passed,should be,are going to be)

ReportPSim.I study French>she said that she studied French.I am in class>she said that she

was in class.PCont.I am studying French>she said that she was studying French.PP.I have

studied French>She said that she had studied French.Pst.I studied French>she said that she

had studied French.PstCont.I was studying>she said that she had been studying.PstPer.I

had studied French>she said that she had studied french.Fut.I will study French>She said

that she would study French.FutCont.I will be studying>she said that se would be studying.

FutPer.I will have studied French>She said that she would have studied.

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