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Envy: feeling of Sadness fot not possecing what another has

Boredom: Disconform, cuz something not pleasant

Anxioud: state of Constant euphoria or nerves or one at time when it is not known what will Happen

Calm: state of Tranquility in negative situations

Jealousy: fear to Lose someting we have great affection and we think that it belong to us

Ange: negative Feeling that produce a situation of disconform

Confution: Feeling that dont let make certainy decisión

Sadness: Emocional pain thar is a caraterized by negative feelings

Happines: Positive emotion, its when you feel full and satisfied

Discriminate: to Make or see a differene base on and have unfair treatment

Social: living in A community

Issue: someting That worries

Terrorism: the Use of violence and threats to intimidate

Racism: a race Believes itself superior and therefore tries to govern

War: conglict Between the armad forces of diferent nations

Poverty: state of Having Little or no money

Cyber bullying: one Who targets a peer using interactive technologies

Bully: person who Habitually intimidate smaller o weaker people

Perjudice: Unfavorable opinión without conset

Pride: orgullo

Shame: vergüenza

Be upset: estar Enfadado

Be pleased: estar Contento

Be pluzzed: Condundido

Be worried: estar Preocupado

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