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1reality tv shows are very popular form of entertaiment on tv nowadays.There are dozens of different types of programmes such as signing contest,cooking competitions or going to live in the jungle.

2firstly,i think that there is a lot of variety on reality tv shows.people at home can choose which types of program they want to watch depending on what they are interested in. Some people like watching singning or cooking competitions while others prefer watching programs about building houses or travelling around the word.In addition,reality tv programmes are a great opportunity to discover talented singers,dancers or chefs.Several people who take part in these programmesget jobs as a result of being on tv.
3on the other hand,some people think that reality tv is an easy way for them to become famous however,most succesful singers,actors or chefs have worked hard all their lives and are good at their job because of their hard work.Also,sometimes the people on the shows have to do really difficult or dangerous things.The competitions are very hard and there is only one winner.Another disadvantage is that some programmes always follow the same format and this can be boring to watch.
4to sum up, i think that reality tv is a good entertaiment.There is a lot of variety,wich means,there is something for everyone and they are intersting to watch.

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