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There are many daredevils accidents by irresponsible and reckless people. I think that this situation must be changed because it will end up affecting us all in a very serious way that we are not interested. I do not like people who likes to exceed the speed limit even scares me, can cause many deaths. First of all, I would end up in an immediate way with crazy driving that are harmful, take away their license so they could not drive.
then this, an announcement would warn pedestrians where the good use of zebra crossing without going through a reckless street.
Finally in my opinion ... The streets and are for use autopisttas so intelligente and good attitude but everything will be crazy. We need good and responsible people, not people who do not love their life.
There are several issues to be addressed but this is the most important because "lacomida prepared" is harmful to all of us without making us any good apparent why I think we should ---- It is important for the coming new youth instead --- We should have more careful with how we act, they are the future.

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