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A case of trust.  Miller:el jefe de policía, John Baker:el q va a ascender, William Cranberry:al que le timan, madame eve, la adivina, butter:el mayordomo. Baker resolve a defficult case. William cranberry goes to the library and ask a book. In the  book there’s a recept and when he goes to the Pawshop he finds a card, he is very curious so he goes to visit madame eve, a Clairogant. His business don’t go well, so he does what she says. He puts a Valious necklace in his mother’s grave for 3 days, but when he returns, the Necklace has disappear. His butter and the madame have tolen it. Baker resolve The case, and miller gets the promotion. The penfriend. Trudy: Niña con problemas, susan: la abuela maltratada, Maggie: trabajadora social. Trudy argues with her parents when She wants go away her parents asks and asks, she only wants go out from that House. Her parents freat her like a child. She saw in a magazine an article, to Write susan. Trudy writes susan, and susan tells trudy her problems. Susan has To be alone at home, she is punished going to her bedroom, being alone on Holidays. Trudy saw trudy’s letters to her parents and wants to call the police, instead, trudy’s mum call a friend Maggie, social worker. And at the End susan went to a better place, and she diden’t live whith her son an his Wite anymore. The big mistake. Iam james: el sobrino, uncle Patrick: su Tio Patrick. Uncle Patrick had left for france, so his hous by the sea was Empty. The had left full of food the fridge, and the key under the doormat. Ian Went by trains, and by taxi from the station to his uncle’s hous. He had Somethisn on the house for dinner and went to the bed, he was exhausted. He Heardnoise downstairs, and when he went to see, he saw a window smashed. He Thougt in burglars. He saw two men, and fighted agains them. They cought him And they called the police. Police thought ian was the burglar, but he only has Had a mistake. It wasn’t his uncle hause. Marge and olive. Marge: herm Buena, olive: la mala, Alfred: novio de marge. Olive had very bad humor, and Temper. Marge was afraid of her. Olive didn’t let marge to many with her Boyfriend when she was young, and when her boyfriend an marge began to write Letters to ach other didn’t say olive. They thougt a plan. As olive read marge’s Letters, marge’s boyfriend wrotw a story about poison on olive’s food, she died By a heardattack, because she was ill for her angina. But it wasn’t poison, it Was only concentrated powered milk. Simpson´s buried treasure:  Nicholas: el chico bueno Buster: el matón Lewis y Driscoll: amigos matones. Miss Simpson: dueña del jardín. Nicholas stopped when he saw Buster and His friends. They threw down Nicholas, and asked him for the dirty piece of Paper in his hand. Nicholas told them that it was a map of Simpson´s garden, Where he thought that there was a treasure. The guys went to search the Treasure, and Nicholas followed them, without them knowledge. Buster, Lewis and Driscoll cut the grass, and cleared up the grass because the didn´t see where They were digging. It started to rain, and they went away. Suddenly Miss Simpson came, the owner, and paid Nicholas for a wonderful  job. Even she had the holes for her rose Bushes. A strange case: detective de policia/ mr. Perch: señor Asesinado/ Marshall: compañero del detective que es el que mata al Sr. Perch. Mr. Perch went to the pólice station And told to pólice detective that he was going to be murdered. Detective Thought he was senile, but after that, Mr. Perch was murdered. Mr Perch had Showed police detective a wad, on his pocket, before he left police station. Police detective´s partner, called Marshall, wanted to investigate this case, But only because he was on troubles, he had lost a lot of money, and that is he Need Mr. Perch´s money, so Marshall killed Mr. Perch.

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