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Write about a town you have visited that called your attention for Something unusual that happened there.

I didn’t want to the ususal Sort of London sights tour (which) I Did that a few years ago. I don’t like Art but I’m into emotional Harry Potter’s Films. This tour included a visit to the zoo to see a show exotic snakes. I Like them!

On the bus, I was exciting and Thinking about the things I was going to see, I didn’t realize the bus stopped At the Art Gallery. There was even a sign on it which said: when I got off, stupidly I fell down and landed flat on My face!

If I had caught the good bus, I would have got to the zoo easily. Besides, I missed the start because the bus broke Down.

Happily the next day, I could See the sets. Harry’s films were filmed And I spent a joyful, sunny afternoon watching snakes coming and going in Their space.

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