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1.GRAMMAR will/ won´t  (predictions)
Complete the dialogues with will/won´t and a verb from the box. Use contractions.
1. A...B it´s very dangerous. You´ll fall
2.A...B won´t win             4.A...B ´ll forget     6.´ll miss
3.A...B won´t remember   5.A...B won´t sell

A)Read the horoscopes for this month.Answer the questions.
2.gemini 3.aries 4.Aquarius 5.Taurus

A)Listen to a conversation about horoscopes.What are Matt and Amy´s star signs? Matt´s star sign is Capricorn and Amy´s star sign is Virgo.
B) 2M 3A 4A 5M 6M 7M 

1.GRAMMAR will/won´t (promises, offers, decisions)
A)Write sentences using th picures and prompts. Use shall I/ I´ll/ I won´t.
1. call/you tomorrow --> I´ll call you tomorrow
2. lend/you some money? -->shall I lend you some money 
3. I´ll have the chicken 
4. Shall I take your coat
5. Shall I turn off the air conditioning?
6. I won´t be late 

B) Are these sentences promises (P),decisions (D), or offers (O)?
1.O  2.P  3.O 4.O  5.D  6.P

A. Read the text. What did Paul learn from his experience. 
Paul learnt not to lend money to strangers.
B. Read the text. Number the sentences in the right order. 
A 6  B3  C5  D1 E4  F2  G8  H7

A. Listen to five speakers describing problems they have had abroad.What do the speakers have in common.
They had problems with crime. 
B.Listen again and match thespeakers with the sentences.
Speaker 1 D
Speaker 2 A
Speaker 3 C
Speaker 4 B
Speaker 5 E

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