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1.An antibiotic(antibiótico)kills bacteria and other germs. 2.An inoculation(vacuna) protects you Against infectious diseases. 3.A Painkiller(analgésico)relieves Pain. 4.An anti-inflammatory reduces Swelling. 5.A laxative encourages Bowel movements. 6.A supplement(suplemento) Provides a substance that the body lacks. 7.An Anthistamine treats allergies. 8.A Stimulant increases activity in the body lacks. 9.An antidepressant reduces feelings of extreme sadness. 10.A sedative makes you relaxed and Sleepy.

DIBUJOS: Syringe: Jeringuilla, Inhaler: inhalador, Ointment: pomada, Capsules: capsulas, IV drip: Gotero, Suppository: supositorio, Adhesive patch: tirita, Tablespoon: cuchara médica, Dropper: cuenta gotas

TEXTO: 1.A Pandemic is (F) 2.Viruses Reproduce(F) 3.More people died(T) 4.H1N1 is the name(F) 5.H5N1 is an antiviral(F) 6.Tamiflu is made(T) 7.Tamiflu stops(T)

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