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1.Before we start the tour, can I remind you that flash photography is not allowed in this church.2.Experts estimate that avi-tourism (bird-watching) is a fast-growing sector of nature tourism.3.If you can aford to pay a starting price of 125.000 pounds, this is the experience for you.4.Spiritual retreats may be religious or not but usually include meditation techniques.5.Mr. Ashburn was slightly injured in the attack and hs wife suffered from shock.6.When money proceeding of tourism leaves a country, it's called leakage.7.Our hotel is built above mineral water springs so you have mineral water in saunas and swimming pools.8.I hope you manage to relax when you are away at the Spa hotel.9.Don´t forget to take your towel to the pool with you.10.Festival organizers expect two of every three people who live in the intermediate area to visit the festival at some point.11.If you want to learn about your family history, I suggest you enrrolling this genealogic/tour.12.We recommend taking a customized tour as the best way to get the most of your vacation.1.Experts predict that cultural tourism will increase in Europe over the next fifteen years since the number of travellers over 55 will grow steadily. 2.The Malaga Film Festival has been going for more than ten years but it has not reached yet the same international reputation. 3.We usually have a preview party and invite the important local people and the press for promoting a new exhibition.4.According to a market research conducted last month, 70% of people in the city visited a museum or a gallery at least once the last six months.5.The exhibition is great for children since interactive displays about the history of the city are being enacted/produced by museum staff. 6.My hometown´s reputation was bad and its economy was worse, but cultural tourism gave it a new dynamic and enhanced its image in the eyes of visitors. 7.Meetings can be held to pass on or gather information, solve problems or make decisions. 8.This initiative is part of a sustainable tourism strategy aimed at regenerating the city through the economic benefits cultural tourism brings. 9.The festival proper begins in August but there is also the fringe festival which attracts around 250,000 visitors.10.Even though package tours sold direct by the tour operator and not by travel agents, tickets-for- excursions are issued by machines. 1.Guests get irritated when they don´t get the service they paid for. 2.There are not many industries as fascinating and rewarding as hospitality.3.At the moment we are planning a major refurbishment of all the guestrooms and suites at a cost of 9.5 million dollars. 4.Before I start, I want to read out some of the answer I got from our online survey.5.Can you tell us what improvements there have been since our report on the hotel? 6.Can you tell us what has changed at the hotel since we last interviewed you?  7.If we are short-staffed in a specify /particular area, other employers can do the work and we do not need to employ any temps.8.Although the windows have been sound proofed, there is not air conditioning so in summer the noise may affect light sleepers.9.Is it possible to have some sandwiches sent up to my room? 10.I always ring the room service and order something and then time how long it takes to arrive.11.It is also encouraging to note that hotel managers are becoming more environmentally responsible.12.What happens if the hotel fails the test?13.If a hotel fails the inspection in two categories, it goes a six month trial, at the end of which there is a second inspection. 14.The French hotel industry is facing a nationwide problem of high staff turnover and a shortage of skilled employees. 1.After deciding that the current booking system was inefficient, a meeting was called to discuss possible improvements.1.After deciding that the current booking system was inefficient, a meeting was called to discuss possible improvements

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