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Dinner will be served at 8:00                         2. Not

By this time next week, I will                            will have finished
be living in Moscou.                                         Must have
You should have called me.                             Hadn´t been 
I have never tasted sushi.                                Would visit
Mike advised me to buy that shirt.                 Whose
We had those houses built                           3. Am not living
You dont have to come.                                   Is being painted
Carnations are grown in England.                   Had made      was trying
                                                                       was talking      was stolen
                                                                        won´t felt          give
I had my hair cut yesterday
Andrea asked if Shelly liked John                 
The neighbours must be in Amsterdam
We shouldn´t have come here.

walk in the city late at night
lose weight
continue working hard
mistakes that you make 
want to train for the marathon

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