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Present simple=She works//she doesn’t work (Alway, usually, somentimes, every week)

Present continuous=i’m-you are-she is // I’m not- you arent-she isn’t ( now, at the moment, this year)

Past simple=I+V-ed o 2c// i didn’t+V-ed o 2c (yesterday, last)

Past continuous=I was-You were+Ving//I wasn’t-You weren’t + Ving (las night, when, while)

Future simple=I will+V//I won’t+V (in a hour, later, tomorrow)

Be Going To= subj+am-is-are+going to+V//subj+am-is-are+ not going to+V(later soon)

Present perf. Simple= subj+have-has+V-ed o 3c//subj+haven’t-hasn’t+V-ed o 3c (never, ever, already, yet, in recent, lately, for, since)

Present perf simple= subj+had+V-ed o 3c//sub+hadn’t+V-ed o 3c(by the time, before, until, just

Future continuous= subj+will be+Ving(at this time tomorrow, on thursday, in the next)

Future perf simple= subj+will have+V-ed o 3c(by this time, by the end of, by then, in some months)

Modals=can-can’t//be able to//may-might//should-ought to// need to-have to//must-musn’t//needn’t//would

Modals perfects= could have//can’t-couldn’t have//may-might have// must have//should//shouldn’t have// would have +V-ed o 3c(todos)

Zero conditional=if+present simple+present simple.Sempre veritat

1rst conditional=if+present simple+future simple(will+V) quan es molt probable

2nd conditional=if+past simple(subj+V-ed o 2c)+would-could-might+V hi ha una hipòtesi

3rd conitional=if+past perf. Simple(subj+had)+ would-could-might+V(inf) arrepentiment passat

Causative=have/get+obj.+V paticipi(ex=i had my kitchen painted last week)

Reported speech=used to/would (past expressions, a past state)+Vinf

Be used to/get used to+gerund/noun. (estar acostumat, acotumar-se)

Relative causes=(who,people/ /wich,thing// when,time// where,place// whose,possession .Defining=that

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