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Lie-lay-lain: acostarse quieto

Dim: dark. Dim light: low dark

Set off: start a journey, leave

Steady: something that doesn't change7firm

Plod: walk slowly/pasear

rattled:cascabel/related to the noise that makes the snake

Linger: lis or rest/ acostarse

Gloomy: sad/ gloom: sadnnes

strenious: tiring, tedioso

Fling off/flang: take away, remove

Duvet: blanket/una cobija

Creep/crept: move very slowly, secretly

Crouched: to bend/agacharse

To tip toe: walk en puntitas de pie

Glinted: sparkle, it's like shine

Varnish: varnis, varnisar

Toddler: la edad cuando comienzan a caminar los bebes

Fumble: to look for something in an awkwardly way 

Freeze: suddenly stop moving, often because of fear

Stare: look for a long time with eyes wide open

Leap: jump high or a long way

Bound: to move fast with jumping movements

Crouch: rest near the ground with bent knees

Set back: delayed the progress. Atraso

Set in: started

Set up: established

Set Out: left. Irse

Set down: write down

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