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Confirming a meeting directions to the meeting room.

i wish to confirm the meeting place on 24 th may in my private office.

my office is located in the central tower. As you enter the building. You will see some security personal nearthe lift. Take the lift to the fifth floor and turn left, go straight until you see the nunmber 62 and knock the door, i will be inside. I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to seeing you 

An office plan decription 
we are glad you are part of company now.
As you may see, we have provided you with a plan of our office so you can familiarize with it.
if you have any question, please head to reception. To get them solved. In order to ger there you must go downstairs to the first floor and once there turn right it'its near the entrance.

Requesting a quote
The company of mine is needed of a great amount of new office supplies. There is a luck of the following items and would be glad to recived them as soon as posible.

boxes printer//black pens//blue pens//folders//packets of large envelopes//packets of resgular envelopes//staplers//boxes of staplers

Our payment terms are 20 days after delivery date and the delivery date must be no later tham monday, 5th june.

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