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1- if you avoid...Will decrease
2- would you use
3-they will plant
4-she would´t have quitted
5- people will continue
6- i wish i had known
1- if you become an...., would you desing envirment...?
2- what a pity...., if only we could swim..!
3- i would´t have got... If i hadn´t volunteered...
4- our heating bills would be... If we replaced our...
1- if i were you, i would buy a small car.
2- they would have planted on that land if it hadn´t been so polluted.
3- unless i recharge my phone battery, it will die soon.
4- we wish we had included more...
level 2
1- i´m glad...You had told... I would have helped...
2- we won´t use.... We arrive...
3- if i were you, i would get...
4- There will be....They stop cutting..
5- if enough people has signed.... Officials would have done...
1- If i hadn´t bought his car, i wouldn´t spend so much money on petrol.
2- the beaches wouldn´t be so dirty if so many people didn´t litter.
3- i wish i had an electric bicycle to ride uphill.
4- we can help the environment if we use reusable shoppings bags.
5- if i find a place to recycle my old phone, i will get rid of it.
6- reforestation won´t continue as soon as goverments do more to stop it.
1. She wishes i would become a vegetarian.
2- i wish i had known about the meeting.
3- they wouldn´t do that if they knew what the chemical is...

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