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Team sports is not always as fun as most of teeneagers expectated to be, and actually the most part of schools around the world are discussing if team sports shoul be obligatory in their schools. In my opinion, schools must do team sports specially because it can improve the profile of a student.

Firstly, team sports can help students to disconnect from their routines and also improve the relations with the classmates so that can be a positive point for all the teeneagers.

In addition, do team sports at schools can be healthy for teeneagers to provide them of any desease. Although, it is a little bit boring doing the same sports like football, basketball or volleyball, for this reason apart from set up sports in schools is also necessary to do another sports more enjoyable.

To sum up, in my point of view schools must have team sports because is a new way to encourage teeneagers to practice sport and keep them healthy.

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