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Pasiva: sujeto + To Be ( en el tiempo de la oración) + pasado participio(verbo principal)
1 Condicional: if+present simple,will+infinitive
2 Condicional: if+pas simpe,would+infinitive
3 Condicional: if+past perfect,would haver+pas participle

Direct speech=Reported speech.Presen simple=Pas simple,Present continuo=Pasado continuo, Past simple=Past perfect simple, Present perfect=simplePast perfect$ simple will=Would, Can=Could mus=tHad to, Here=There,This=That, These=Those, Now=then, Next week=The following week, Today=That day, Tonight=That night, Tomorrow=The following day, yesterday=The day before, Last week=The week before

Modals: de posibilidad:can,could,be able to. Obligacion: have to, must. Necesidad: need -?, need to +. Consejo: ought, should. Posibilitat:might may, posiblididad ligera: must (posiblement),cannot(imposible). Modals en pasado: have+modal+V pasta participio
Going to: sujeto+going to+infinitive
Future continuos: sujeto+will+be+v-ing
Future perfect simple: sujeto+will+have+past participle

Exercicis make or do
I cant go out…..(do)
I didnt (make) me….
Could you (do) me a…
You should (make) an effort
Im not free…..(make)
Jack (make) the ….
It isnt easy…(make)…
Dont worry abaut…..(do)..

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