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PRESENT SIMPLE I-you-we-they ->cook, (cocina) don't He-She-It -> cooks, washes (cocina) doesn't PAST SIMPLE I-you-we-they -> cooked (cocinó) didin't cook He- She- it -> cooked (cocinó) didin't cook PRESENT CONTINOUS I-you-we-they-> am-Are cooking (cocinando) not-aren't He-She-It -> is cooking (cocinando) isn't PAST CONTINOUS You-we- they -> were cooking (estaban cocinando) weren't cooking I-he-she-it -> was cooking (estaba cocinando) wasn't cookin PRESENT PERFECT I-you-we-they have eaten- haven't He-she-it has eaten hasn't PAST PERFECT I-you-we-they - had eaten- hadn't eaten He-she-it- had eaten hadn't cooked FUTURE SIMPLE I-you-we-they - will win - won't He-she-it- will win - won't FUTURE PERFECT I-you-we-they-he-she-it- will have lost - won't have lost FUTURE CONTINOUS I-you-we-they-he-she-it- will be swimming -won't be swimming PRESENT PPERFECT CONTINOUS I-you-we-they- have been sleeping (haven't) He-she-it- has been sleeping (hasn't) PAST PERFECT CONTINOUS I-you-we-they-he-she-it- had been studying (hadn't) REPORTED SPEECH Stays-stayed Is staying-was staying//stayed-had stayed//was staying-had been staying Has stayed-had stayed//has been staying-had been staying Had stayed-had stayed//had been staying- had been staying Will- stay- would stay PASSIVE Signs-are signed//is signing-are being signed//signed-were signed Was signing-were being signed//has signed-have been signed Had signed-had been singed//will sign-will be signed Should sign-should be signed//must have signed-must have been signed Is going to sign-are going to be signed CONDITIONAL ZERO= if you recycle materials, you help the enviroment FIRST=Call me if you have a problem SECOND=My brother would bu y an electric car if I it were cheaper THIRD=If they had cut down the rainforest, many animals might have died WISH CLAUSES If only you weremore outspoken Sam wishes he had replaced his computer I wish I could live in Tokyo RELATIVE CLAUSES Who-which-when-where-whose

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