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BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION (soborno y corrupcion): A new contact suggests That a payment into his private bank account will enable a company to win a Valuable supply contract. The bill of Indictment states that the company has been involved in a long-term bribery and Corruption process.

INSIDER TRADING (informacion privilegiada): An employee informs some Friends about a company takeover before it is generally known so they can buy Shares and make a profit.         Martha Stewart served jail time for insider trading.

COUNTERFEIT GOODS (productos falsificados): A company is making copies Of luxury branded products and selling them in street markets. The cashier wouldn't accept the payment Because it was made with counterfeit money.

SEX DISCRIMINATION (discriminacion por sexo): An upmarket private Airline only employs attractive women under 25 years old as cabin crew and Ground staff. The company has a policy To prevent sex discrimination at work.

ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTIONS (contaminacion ambiental): An Industrial company is disposing of waste chemicals in the sea. Environmental pollution is almost Entirely man-made.

INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE (espionaje industrial): A car manufacturer is Secretly taking photos of a rival's new model at a test track. Industrial espionage is certainly not a Legitimate reason for intercepting communications.

ANIMAL TESTING (pruebas en animanes): A cosmetics and pharmaceutical Company tries out all its products on rats and mice. I don't agree with animal testing, especially for cosmetics.

MONEY LAUNDERING(blanqueo de capitaleso dinero) Some criminals buy Property and expensive cars with money they got from illegal activities. The Goods are then sold and the now 'clean' money is used in other businesses and New bank accounts.                                    That bank's notorious for its money Laundering activities.

PRICE FIXING (fijacion de precious): A group of rival mobile phone Companies get together and agree to charge approximately the same amount for a Range of services and packages. The Department of Justice has accused the publisher of price fixing.

TAX FRAUD (Fraude fiscal): A company tells the authorities that It is making a lot less profit than it actually is. We have to work together to fight tax fraud and dubious tax havens.

SUBSIDY:money That is paid by a government or organisation to make something such as a Particular food or product cheaper to buy, use or produce.            Farmers Receive a subsidy for growing certain crops.

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