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PRONOMBRES RELATIVOS: Who-persona Which-cosas Where-lugar Whose-cuyo  That-que 
CONDICIONALES_1. If you phone me I will go to home 2. If I know your address I would visit you 3. If you had studied you would have passed the exam
PASIVA_verbo y CD y uso de la 3ª columna(ed)_was/were(fue)_have been/has been(ha sido)_will be(será)
REP.SPEECH_PRE SIMP (he is american’’she said) PAST SIMP (she said that he was American)_PRE CONT (Dan is living a San Francisco’’she said) PAST CONT (she said that was living in San Francisco)_PAST SIMP (Greg said”I didin’t go to work yesterday”) PAST PERF SIMPL (Greg said that he hadn’t gone to work the day before)_PAST CONT (I was working late last night”Vicky said”) PAST PERF CONT (Vicky told me she had been working late the night before)_PRESEN PERF SIMP (“we haven’t been to China” they said) PAST PERF SIMP (they said that they hadn’t been to China)_PRE PERF CONT (“I have been studying English for two years”he said) PAST PERF CONT (He said that he had been studying English for two years)_PAST PERF CONT (She said “I had been”) = She said that she had been
MUST-had to        ORDERED        SUGGESTED           Mary said to Ana=Mary told Ana          ? Asked if
Went-had gone            didn’t go-hadn’t go                  did buy-had bought                        was working-had been working

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