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Car manufacturers can´t produce enogh to meet customers Demands. Models need to be updated more often. Each car Factory can only Produce one model. Productivity is very high. It take too long to deliver Finished cars to the customers. Sales forecasts are accurate. Manufacturers  could sabe money by Building cars to order. The car industry probably won´t change much in the nex Few years. ORDER TO DELIVERY CYCLE: the time between the customers placing an Order and receiving the product. OVER CAPACITY: when an industry is capable of Producing more tan it needs to. Manufacturers order supplies electronically According to need. Supplier delivers parts to the manufacturer several time a Day. Components are taken to the assemblyline at the moment they are needed. Assembly Of parts to build the finished product. Stock of finished goods wait for Delivery to the customers. VOCABULARY: amount: cantidades. Improve: mejorar. Up To date technology: la más alta tecnología. Just in time delivey: entrega a Tiempo. Efficiently: eficientemente. Wasting: desperdiciando dinero. Resourses: Recursos. Goods: mercaderías. Suppliers: proveedores. Carrying: llevar. Deleate: retrasado. Demand: demanda. Forcast: predicción. Modal: diseño. Arange: set of similar product. Keeps: to use when it needs them. Switch: Cambiar una cosa por otra. Order: pedido

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