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SIMPLE PRESENT: always, usually, on tuesdays, every.. PRESENT CONT: now, at moment, listen!, tonight... SIMPLE PLAST: Yesterday, last, ago... PAST CONT: when I got up while was reading PAST PERF: Before I watched the film I had read PRESENT PERF.SIMPLE: already,jus,this,ever,for,yet... PRESENT PERF: This mornin to 5 to 7 FUTURE SIMPLE: at the moment, plans FUTURE CONT: Tomorrow form 6 to 8 FUTURE PERFECT: By 2020 I will have finished at university, Before I married I will have travelled to India.

PASSIVE: Simple present: am,is,are SIMPLE PAST: was, ere PRESENT CONT: is being, are being PAST CONT; was being, were being FUTURE SIMPLE: will be PRESENT PERFE: Has been/ have been PAST PERFECT: had been CONDITIONAL SIMPL: would be 

REPORTED: NOW- then TODAY- that day YESTERDAY-the day before LAST - the previous AGO-before TOMORROW-the next NEXT-the following THIS-that THESE-those HERE-there 

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