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1. Music downloads rose sharply in the first quarter, and remind at 10,000 units in the second quarter.      las descargas de música aumentaron bruscamente en el primer trimestre y permanecieron en 10,000 unidades en el segundo trimestre.
2. Sales of cds fell steadily at the beginning of the year, and then recovered slightly in April. las ventas de CD se redujeron constantemente a principios de año y luego se recuperaron ligeramente en abril.
3. Digital single downloads increased by 12% in the first half of the year. . Las descargas digitales individuales aumentaron en un 12% en la primera mitad del año.
4. Company profits peaked at $34,7 million in June. los beneficios de la compañía alcanzaron un máximo de $ 34,7 millones en junio.
5. There was a dramatic decrease in unemployerment last year from 7% to 2.7%. hubo una disminución dramática en el desempleo el año pasado del 7% al 2.7%.
6. There was a rise in production costs between april and June, follower by a slight fall between July and September. hubo un aumento en los costos de producción entre abril y junio, seguido de una ligera caída entre julio y septiembre.

1. Sales went up BY 11% TO $15,4 million
2. Inflation remained stable AT 2%
3. There was a steady decrease IN production costs in July
4.Exposrts fell FROM 1,000 pints TO 920 units a month
5. Monthly revenue peaked AT 34000
6. There was a riseOF 2.5% IN salaries

1. The number of tourist fell sharply in November.
2.There has been a slight increase in inflation so far this year
3. There was a decrease in the valueof the dollar from 0,67 to 0.62 pounds sterling
4. There has been a sharp rise in the number of hours Iwork each week
5. The number of unemployed has dropped slightly
6. There was a rise in the EBC share value to 235.09
7. Company profits hace increased steadily in the first quarter
8. There was a steady fall in the number of new recruits las month.

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