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PENALTY:i death penalty is a way to punish those who kill people, like murderers or terrorists. Nowadays, this legal in some countries and others ilegals. In this essay i am going to talk about the differen points. D on the one hand, killing a murdered is not a good idea because this action is not going to take back the person he killed . Moreover, capital punishment has a risk because innocent people ontheotherhand, those who are in favour belive that it permanently removes the worst criminals from society. Furthermore, the government would be to save money as they would not have to pay for the prisoners. C to sum up, death penalty has some advantages but i thing no one should have the right to end someone lifes

the internet is a techonological invention that has changed human lives in many aspects.Nowadays, distance hsa been communication improved thanks to this technological. D first of all i would like to state that who are in favor of the internet point out advantages. To begin with a great amount information is available with just one clik, internet allows the world to be in contact with the latest. Moreover is that virtual communication has been enhanced. No matter where someone lives apart from that, the use of internet has made shopping easier. There are many sites on the internet to shop without leasing the house./ another aspect to taken into account is negative because many opponents think that the as information ins available on it, te life of internet user can be at risk , anogher diasdvantage is that there is always the possiblidty of being deceived. Last bust not least hackers a threat to the computer system because they can steal information. c tosumup, to be drawn from this is that internet has advantadges like getting infromation rapidly or contact but it also has possility that know your information or stile

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