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1-shaked hands 2-point 3-take off your shoes 4-be late 5-jump a queue 

6-tell jokes  7-interrumpted our conversation 8-give a present 9-click a 

fingers 10-kiss a strangers

1- 2-spend money 3- 4-give present 5-receive advice 6-spend time 7-tell 

lies 8-have tun

1-you must be early 2-you musn´t be late 3-you musn´t eat in class

4- you musn´t bring yout mobile phone

1-doesn´t have to 2-have to visit 3-musn´t 4-don´t have to 5-must

 6-don´t have to 7- must

1-runs/will win 2-will have/she doesn´t want3-eats/will put 4- doesn´t

 arrive/we will left 5-don´t give/will be 6-will be/don´t get

1-would buy/had 2-wouldn´t/had 3-were/would listen 4-didn´t live/would 

live 5-was/would go 6-went/would be

1-shouldn´t drink 2-shouldn´t wear 3-shouldn´t go 4-shouldn´t eat             
5-should study

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