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antennae: antenas, antelas cuernos, claws: garras, fangs: colmillos, feathers: plumas, fur: piel, gills: branquia, hooves: pezuña, paws: patas, shell: concha, whiskers: bigote,            the dog house, like a fish out of w, cry wolf, drop like flies, escape the rat race, have a whale of time, let the cat out of the bag, open a can of warms, straight from the horse mouth, caws come home         leader :chief, an attempt: bid, action towards a goal: move, money: cash, agreement: deal, investigation: probe, money to persuade: bribe, bad news: blow, a factory: plant, fire: blaze       look for: hunt, make illegal: ban, resign: quit, start something bad: loom, cause to increase: boost, set off: spark, promise: pledge, cut: slash

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