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Unit 1

Remember: have sth in memory

Recall: bring back from memory

Appointment: an agreement

Memorize: to learn so you can repeat exactly

Memory: mental ability

Calendar: list displaying days, months and years

Remind: to cause a remember

Learn by heart: to memorize(expression)

Diary: a daily written record

Mind: part of the body

Heartbroken: be very crushed

Furious: full of fury

Delighted: highly pleased

Terrified: full of terror

Amazed: with surprise

Astonished: very suprised

Angry: feel really anger

Upset: unhappy

Pleased: feeling or expressing pleasure

Scared: ordinary of terrified

Thrilled: Extremely delighted

Sort out: to put in order, clarify, clear up


Bright red: fully shy

Over the moon: very pleased

Could not believe his eyes: very surprised

Burst into tears: to start crying

Be scared stiff: very scared

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