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Last year I went to Italy with my classmates and it was probably the best travel of my life!//

I went to four diferents parts of Italy. The first day we were in Florence and it was all well until night came. Teachers let us leave until eleven and a friend and I decided to take a walk to get to know the site.//

When me finally prepare we left the hotel and started walking. We did not know anything but we did not care about it. We saw many beautiful things and also shops so we bought some present for our families and for us. We were very happy because that was very excited.//

After about and hour the night came and we had to go with all the others. We stayes in half an hour and we did not know werr we were. We get frightened because we get lost.//

But fortunately we meet our colleagues and returned to the hotel really happy!

It is true that for many people the most important thing in sport is winning. But is realy the most or the only important thing winning?//

On the one hand, many of them think that because they play on a team or they compete on an important competition. Although participation is more important than winning, when they compete they only think in win. //

On the other hand, when they lose they get angry with themselves, and sometimes with the team. Despite the fact that they only want to win, there are some of them that they know the other important things in sport.//

In conclusion, I don´t think that winning is the most important thing, because participating is more important. To sum up, I think that the most important thing is doing the sport than you like and enjoy that.

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