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life in the future:

I think people will live in Mars in the future.In the morning,a machine will make breakfast and it will make the beds.Then,they will go to work in flying bikes.After that,they will return to house and an alien will prepare the food. Later,they will go to other planets in an spaceship to drink coffe with their extraterrestial friends. Then, they will return to their house and they will go for a walk with the dog for the space, between the stars. Finally, they will sleep in floating beds.
My weekend:
Last weekend, i did many things: on Friday i arrived from Paris at nine o'clock and i went to my house to see my family but i went to bed early because i was tired. On Saturday i went to a big fair to see the horses in races. My friends and i were there in the evening and at night we went to my house to have a party because it was my birthday. On Sunday i was very tired,so i was in my bed and i relaxed all day.

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