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[21:59, 11/6/2017] +34 633 71 46 91: Grammar
1: a) have misplace b) have ground c) have saved d) hasn't maked

2: For:
six hours/ the start of the month/ a very long time.                                                  
1995/ weeks/ sevend days/ yesterday

3: a) did saw b) didn't studied c) didn't tried d) didn't leaved e) hasn't buy

4: a) when b) where c) who d) wich e) where

a) We went to a beatiful beach wich had white sand and blue water
b) I met a famous actor who's been in several films
c) We went to a new sports centre. Where you could try all kinds of martial arts
d) it was Christmas when my dad fell in love whith my mum.

a) If he take off his sweater. He will be cold
c)if you don't listen you will don't urdestand

7: a) must b) might c) can't d) might 

8: a) must b)can't c) must d) can e) must

b) Luke can't be guilty
c) They must be asleep 
d) Sally might be ill
e) My teacher can't be ill
f) My teac                        
[22:01, 11/6/2017] +34 633 71 46 91: Vocabulary 
1: a) tight b)formal c)comfortable d)colourful e)loose f)old fashioned 

2: a)aprenticeship b)salary c)benefits d)allowance e)conditions 

3: a)have b)be c)fill in  d)aply e)earn

4: a)fill-in  b)apply c) earn/ unemployed d)get e)claim f)work g)sign h)have i)lose j) get 

5: 2/a, 3/e, 4/f , 5/b, 6/c, 7/g

6:a)pay a fine b)commit  c)go to prison d) salve e) suspect/arrest f)catch g) question

7: 1/b , 2/d , 3/e , 4/c , 5/f , 6/a

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