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My first day in the school:

I have never forgotten my First day at school. I was four. My sister had already been at school For two years and she had hated her first day, so I was absolutely Terrifield! It was a cold, autumn day and it was raining heavily.

We arrived at school at 9:15. Everyone was waiting anxionsly outside some children were Crying. After a while, the ball rang and everyone went inside. I felt Very nervous, but I did not cry when Mum left. At soon as we had gone Into the classroom, we sat down on the carpet. First, the teacher Read and then we played games until school finished.

Finally, Mum came to go me, But I was having such a good time that I refused to leave! I burst Into tears and held onto the teacher. Mum went bright red. I was the Only child who cried when it was time to go home!

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