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1- 1c,2h,3g,4b,5e,6d,7f,8a

2- moods, faint, starts out, deafening, common sense, take advantage out, firm, accurate.

3- to eat, agree with them, delayed, happy, aren't nice of them, popular.

     1· which beans I was going to put in the soup
     2· if he could use the computer then
     3· I thought we should study before went out.
     4· reading my diary.
     5· booking our flights that day.

     1· Alan said that he would e-mail the photos to me.
     2· My sister said that she had lost her MP3 player.
     3· My mum asked when I and Gina had met.
     4· Ben said that he thought we should go to the gym that day.
     5· Keith insisted on not knowing anything about it.
     6· Jan said to Sam not to forget the meeting the next day.

     1· Mum told me not to forget about the game.
     2· Jane warned John to be careful.

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