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Agreed to, offered to, promised to,refused to, advised(me) to. Invited(me) to, remided me to, ordered me to, toldd me to, warned me to, begged me to, asked me to, apologised for ing, suggested ing, admited ing, accused ing, denied ing, declare that, explained that, promised that, said that, suggested that, admited that, agreed that, told that, denied that, announced that///Athough aunque s+v, In spite of ing a pesar de, in order to infinitive, so as (not) to infinitive, before ing, after ing// pasadp mas pasado condicional 3 tipo (if past perfect, wold/could/might have pp), 2 tipo( If past simple, would/could infinitive// For + periodo tiempo (present perfect)// Modal perfecto (pasado) can should + have+ pp// present SO THAT can/will// pasado SO THAT would/could// past simple WHEN past continuous// BEFORE+ simple past+ past perfect// WHILE + past continuos+( Past continuos/ past simple)// HOPE will o won´t// will have pp BY THEN// THIS TIME TOMORROW will be ing // WHEN past simple+past perfect// BY THE TIME past participle// past simple AFTER past perfect//

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