Ingles cosas magicas 2

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Who was speaking to Jean?

Who phone Ella?

Who will Jenny see?

Who has left a message for Jim?

They were playing golf/started to rain.

His mobile rang when he was driving.

We heard the news when was sunbathing.

He was looking at the tower when took.

I was having a coffee when i saw her.

1.How many 5.How many 1.Lot of

2.How much 6.How many 2.Much

3.How much 7.How much 3.Lot of

4.How much 8. How many 4.Many

1. Jenny was waiting(wait) I arrived(arrive).

2.What where you doing(you/do) yesterday?

3.Did you go(you/go) out last night?

4.How fast were you driving(you/drive)happened.

5.Sam tooke(take) a picture of me while i wasn't looking.

6. We didn't know(not/know).7.When i last saw(see) him

he was trying (try) to find a job.8. I was walking(walk)

along the street when i heard(hear).Followed(follow)me.

I was scared and i started(start) to run.9.When i was young I

wanted(want).10.Last night i dropped(drop) when i was doing

(do) the washing-up.Fortunately it didn't break(not/break).

1.What happened?

2.What did shee see?

3.Why did she scream?

4.Who stole the painting?

5.Who did break into the house?

6.Who did she telephone?

7.What does the police?

8.Who commited the crime ?

1.What did you have for lunch the last yesterday?

2.Who did Jack invite to his party?

3.Who did told the police about the incident?

4. Who did Sally talk to at the café last night?

5.Who made you changue your mind?

6.What happenned after me left?

7. Why did Paul wont to go home early?

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