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Lunes(ON) Mes(IN) Meses+fecha(ON) por tarde/maña(IN)  Estaciones(IN)                              2ºCONDITIONAL(If/Unless+ past Simpl, would+infitv) **If she wasn´t happy, She would look for another job // He would stay until the end of the meeting if he didn´t have a flight  //Contract workers have to/should  sign in // You must/should wash you hands // You should´t/mustn´t  wear jewelry // We can´t/mustn´t eat or drink.                                                                                                                                               

PASSIVE(Presnt Simpl: is/are conducted)-(Past Simpl: was conducted)-(Futur:will be conducted)    (Pesen.Cont=is/are being conducted)-(Past.Cont= was/were being conducted) PresentPerf(have conducted=has been conducted)

**The plant´s output can´t be increased// our electricity will be suplied // The delivery has been delayed//

REPORTED SPEECH (Presnt Simpl: eat=ATE)-(Past Simpl: ate=HAD EATEN )-(Futur:will eat=WOULD EAT)   (Pesen.Cont=are eating=WERE EATING)-

(Past.Cont=were eating/= HAD BEEN EATING) PresentPerf(have eaten= HAD EATEN) PresentPerf.Cont(have been eating= HAD been eating) Past Perf.Simp(had eaten=HAD EATEN)

**Broaden(ampliar)  Cater to(atender a) Cut off (interrumpir) Invoices(facturas) Insight (visión)  Mass-produced items(artículs produccn en serie) Mounthly retainer(retención mensual) Lazy(perezoso)  Log on (acceder)  Overseas branches(sucursales extranjero) Peer(compañero)  Payrol tax(impuesto nómina) Rewarding environment(gratificante) Responsiveness(sensibilidad)  Standard procedures(procedmts estándard)   Stroke of luck(golpe surte) Tiring(fatigoso) Voucher(vale,cupón) Wide range(amplia gama)   

Levelled off (nivelado) Reached a peak(alcanzó pico) break even(cubrir gastos) Loss(pérdida) Write off( anotar) Crash (hundir) Equities(acciones) Commodities(productos)

A.I'm writing to arrange a time for the meeting next week/*/We had arrange a meeting for tomorrow to discuss our business plans/*/I would like to suggest holding the meeting in the small conference room in the Hilton Hotel, Madr on Thursday morning at..  /*/I shall be at a meeting wiht our suppliers next Monday in order to discuss the financial require.

B.Unfortunately, I'm not available on Thursday morning./*/ I'll be (out of the office)-(absent from the office for aproximately 3 hours)./*/Please let me know what time would suit you./*/I would be grateful if you could (give us a sample inform)-(send us details of your services)/*/ If you would attend to any customers in my absence/*/I apologize again for the changes and I hope we can met in the near future    

C.Yours sincerely, /Thanks in advance/I look forward to (hearing from you)-(meeting you next week)

***Hi, good morning So let me introduce myself, my name is... *In my presentation I have to explain 3 points about my business idea.First, I will talk about the structure of the product and its essencial characteristics.Then I´ll tell you our suppliers that can give us the necessary raw materials. Finally,I´ll show you the financial requirements and plans about costs and prices about this product. /If you have any questions you can ask me in the end of the talk.//Finally, thanks for coming to listen my presentation/Thank for your attention.***

***Following our discussions, I´m just writing you to confirm the details we agreed about the purchase of this product.  We agreed that we will give you 20 pieces at 10E each one.But the condition is that you would take back the bottles. In addition to this, we agreed to give you a discount about 10% if you will sell 20 boxes in two months. However, after discussing thing wiht my other parter, we could  give you one box of any type of wine,as a gift.//We will achieve this order as soon as we receive your agreement.

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