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1. 1.F/2.I/3.G/4.H/5.C/6.A/7.D/8.B/9.E

2. 1.Arrested/2.An appointment/3.We wondered/4.Muscular/5.Takes after/6.Fularious

3. 1.A good time/2.Guests/3.Play a role/4.Lucky/5.Remind/6.Continious/7.Custom/8.Happiness

4. 1. A)Debbie is going to learn how to drive b)Debbie had learnt how to drive/ 2. A)Jake hasn´t woken up early b)Jake doesn't have to wake up/3. A)The results were announced by the research b)The results were being announced by the research/4. A)Will she have her hair cut b) was she having her hair cut

5. 1.Is being built by them/2.If i had been hungry, I would have had lunch/3.While Mark was walking he dropped his Mp4/4. I've never met Jill before

6. 1.Sally has been working at the bakery since 2008/ 2.She had the invitation printed by a proffesional/ 3.Students must wear uniforms/ 4.They should call first

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