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Marco Polo 1) False. The Travels.. in 1298; False. Much of what Polo.. geographers. 2) Life was very hard because of serios epidemic illnesses, wars caused by irresponsable governors and because of religions with the hunger causing deaths by hundreds.. Because it’s a very good example of attitude between different cultures living together, Sting with their differences but always respecting themselves. 3) account; Grim; Alien; Prevalent 4) who/ was; Was governed/ ruled; With/ whose; He had only told half of what he had seen my dog! 1) False: Mary marcus of new york…no-dog policy. True: Marcus can’t.. pet and no-pet rooms. 2) Pluto is a very happy dog which is always making people funny things in order to get them laugh. Pets are now more important for American familias than they used to be

only ten years ago. 3) inappropriate; Vivacious; Trend; Realizing 4) so/ them; To admit/ don’t like; Began/ between; lea Bing/ on Mobile phones in social life 1) True. Now, everywhere… into their mobile phones. True. If you rally… at the outset.
2) Because using the mobile phone in a social event such as a wedding, a birthday, or a friends meeting could be understood as a synonym of boredom.
The text tell us it could be a good idea ask them to move away if they are disturbing, even if they are inside our car.
3) perhaps/ Outset/ Apologize/ Come across 4) using/ is applied; Have been / than; Who/ from.. If she had/ there was a mobile phone in her bag.

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