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-Excuse me.Does this bus go to the Science Museum?
-It doesn't go all the way .You need to get off at the cinema and take another bus from there.
-OK.What number do I need from the cinema?
-A 35 or a 38.
-OK.Thank you.
-Do you want a single or return?
-Tha'ts €1.80
-Thanks!Can you tell me when to get off?
-Yes, of course.Hey! Don't forget your change!

-What are you plans for the summer?
-I'm going to visist some friends in Liverpool for a fortnight.Then I'm going to go on holiday with my family.
-Where to?
-France.We're goingo to stay at a campsite near Biarritz.
-Luck you!My firend went there.She said it was beautiful.
-Yes, I'm looking forward to it.What are you plans?
-Oh,nothing much.I'm going yo work in the coffee bar to earn some money.I'm saving for a big holiday next year.
-Really?Where are you going to go?
-Hanif and I are going to go Pakistan next summer, we hope.

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