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  • LIKE A CHILD IN A SWEET SHOP / you are very happy and excited because of something

  • TO BUY A LEMON / when you buy a something that doesn't work well
  • SHOP TILL YOU DROP/do a large amount of shopping
  • IT COST AND ARM AND A LEG / when you want to say that something is expensive
  • AN PHONY AS A THREE DOLLAR BILL / when something or someone is fake
  • TO BUY A BARGEN / very cheap
  • BUY FOR A SONG/something that's cheap
  • BUY CHEAP BY TWICE/ if something is cheap it will break soon
  • TO BE CAUGHT AND SHORT/ when don't have enough money to buy something
  • FIT LIKE A GLOVE/ when is your exactlly size
  • TIGHTEN YOUR BELT/ to spend less money
  • GO DUTCH/ to pay separately
  • MONEY DOESN'T GROW ON TREES/ is difficultto get so you can't waste it

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