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9.Will James help you?.James is not going to help you.James had been helping you.Does James have to help you? James need´t help you. James can´t help you.

4. He/she has been judging of rape defendant for 10 years. Their prision sentence are often hard.While that gang was smuggling forge money inspectors wereforeing statement from suspects of barber.
The defendant could have kidnapped the wrong person but the verdict of the jury was guilty .I have to help note in chares.
There were plates,knives,forks and spoons all over the floor. My grandparents cats must have been playing during hours.
The raiders house could have entered during the night. There always have been people at home during the day.
2. Abuse,abuse,abusive,abusively.
    - , phusics/physicist,physical,physically
    lead,leader,leading/leaded.Win, win/winner
8. You should study in Santiago.I may have studied ,ore.I needn´y money to be happy.Alice must have been crying for her boyfriend.
5. For forty years Paul has been writing music. Sadan should have done what I told her. He was listening to his student when a window pane got broken. You shall not wear hats or anything on your heads.
My sister may have completed her training course, but it was easy and a pity. Ray's mother has been ill since I saw her last month. Jason is taking a very long test next week but his teachers aren't aver happy with him.
You should have tried harder.You should have studied more.There must have been a robbery

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