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Gerunds: PLAYING

***se pone:***
-Before/After + v.ing
-(finish, enjoy, prefer, like, hate, love, dislike, avoid, miss, recommend, suggest) + v.Ing
-Prep. + v.Ing
-(can't stand, feel like, don't mind, be/get used to, it's no use, look foward to) + v.Ing
Infinitive: TO JOIN
***se pone:***
-(decide, want, promise, hope, pretend, refuse, offer, afree, seem, appear, choose, expect, learn, plan, wish) + v.Ing
-Adj.(easy, happy, lucky, sad, hard) + v.Ing
Social Expressions:                                            Social Invitations:
-Bless you: Jesus                                       -Can't be bothered: tenir mandra
-Congratulations: Felicitats              -Can't make it:no poder fer alguna cosa
-Good luck!: bona sort!                                 -Come round: visitar
-Have a nice trip: tenir un bon viatge.     -Don't feel like:no venir de gust
-How o you do?: com estàs?                 -Fed up: fart/-a
-I'd love to come: m'encanta venir.       -Go out: sortir
-Merry Christmas:Bon Nadal                    -Keep in touch: estar en contacte
-No, thanks: No, gràcies                                   -Make plans: fer plans
-See you then: Fins un altre!                             -Set up dates: quedar
-The same to you: igualment                             -Sounds good: sona bé
-Welcome back!: Benvingut/-uda!                  -Stay in: quedarse a casa
-Well done: ben fet 
You`re welcome: De res.

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