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The waltdisney company     8nd november, 2019
To whon it may concern,
-I am writing to complain abaout the children's program of 6PM in the channel Disney XD.
-I work as babysitter for my cousins. My little cousins and I sit down in the sopa as is usual to watch the their program favourite at 6PM. When we were waiting that the serie start, I surprid that there wasn't the serie that they normally give on that channel, they were giving a completely different serie, for the more adult people, no appropiate for childrens because in this serie there bad words, violence and bad behaviors that the children shouln't see.
-Moreover, they not only removed the program, but throughout the rest of the day they put chapters of this malicious series for young children, althougt that the "Disney xd" channel is a channel for young children where they wouldn't  have to put this kind of programs 
-I don't know why happend this, but I really hope that this problem is solved soon.
Yours faithfully,

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