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Passiva A-> Sub+V+Obj,  P-> Obj+to be+3 col

Ex: The police have arrested a man (prst perf)->A man has been arrested by the police.

The balloons lifted him up (past sim)->He was lifted up by the balloons.

Reporters will question him (future)->He will be questined by reporters.

She takes photos->Photos are taken by her

She took a photo->A photo was taken

She is taking a photo->A photo is being taken

They were taking a photo->A photo was being taken

He has taken a photo->A photo has been taken

Liz won the prize->The prize was won by Liz

Conditionals 1-> If + present simple...Will + inf

If it rains tomorrow we will go to the cinema

2-> If+past simple+ ... Woulld + inf

If I had a million dolars I would buy an island

3-> If+past perf... Would have caught the train

zero-> fletxa, if + presnt simple ... Present simple

Mixt-> If + past perf ... Would + infinitive

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