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Mumbe: balbusear/ mutter: hablar entre dientes/ whisper: susurrar/ Yell: chillar

Expressions: it goes without saying that it’s easier to learn a language when you’re young (everyone knows this)/ actions speak louder than words (what you do is more important than what you say)/ just say the word if you need anything (don’t hesitate to ask)/ he hasn’t got much to say for himself (says very little: no habla mucho))/ generally speaking, I think women are better communicators than men (on the whole: en conjunto)/ I have more respect for a politician who speaks their mind (says what they are thinking)

Tell the truth/ the time/ the difference. Before say: name, word, sentence. We use speak when talking about language ability. Tell: tell me, instruct, inform Say: use to: he said goodbye to his friend. Speak: I spoke to him about…

Bark: ladrar/ growl: gruñir/ lick: lamer/ sniff: dar/ wag their tail: mover la cola/ mark their territory: marcar territorio/ raise the hair on their backs: poner pelos de punta

Expressions: her bark is worse than her bite/ However, Lucy let the cat out of the bad by letting him see the invitation./ So she really put the cat among the pigeons by announcing she was getting married (guarder un secreto)/ This was a shock, because she was a big fish in a little pond at school./ She’s having kittens about what to do next (nerviosa)/ That way we could kill two birds with one stone,/ It’s like water off a duck’s back (no preocuparse)./ At the end, the made a beeline for the café (cola)

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