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Cell division:Mitosis:2 daughter cells are produced from the parent cell.It is vital that the exact copy of the genetic information is transmitted to the daughter cells,the nucleus has to divide in a process called mitosis.All cells with the exception of reproductive cells divide this way.-Prophase:genetic material to form chromosomes,The nucleolus disappears.Protein fibres appear to make a mitotic spindle.The nuclear membrane disappears.-Metaphase:Condensed chromosomes move ,the mitotic spindle that connects the 2 centrosomes.Chromosomes attach to the spindle fibres.The chromosomes line up along the middle of the cell.-Anaphase:Spindle fibres spilt into 2 equal parts,this causes the chromosomes centromeres to break,as result the 2 chromatids separated into 2 unconnected strands.Spindle fibres contract&pull the chromatids to the opposite poles of the cell-Telophase:final stage.Chromatids have moved to the poles,the mitotic spindle dissapears.Nuclear menbrane surrounds each chromosome.They change to chromatin.Nucleolus reappears.Meiosis:process of cell division when a diploid cell with 2n chromosomes divides into 4 daughter haploid cells with n chromosomes.-Reduction division:In the prophase chromosomes appear,but in pairs,they exchange genetic materia.In the metaphase pairs of homologous chromosomes become attached to the spindle fibres.In anaphase complete chromosomes are pulled to each spindle pole.Telophase is the same.-Second div:each chrom splits into chromatids.The cytplasm divid.&creates 2 separate cells.

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