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TERTIARY SECTOR : 1) activities - it includes all the activities which dont produce material goods so it producers services for consumers of other economic sector 2) typed of services providers: (private  services: are provided by the private companies-public or non market service. Are provided by the state with money collected through taxes 3 TRADE : it is the exchange of goods and services between producers  -components )1 transaction is the exchange 2market is the place or situation where the transaction take place TYPES OF MARKET :  1physical market is the one where the merchandise is present 2 abstract market is the on where the merchandise is not present 

TYPES OF TRADE : 1 domestic trade is the one which is carried there are two tupes whole slae and retail 2 international trade  it is between countries importation and exportation .
TRANSPORT : It is theactivity which transfers people or woods between places we need means of transport 
NETWORKS: a set of line which connect the placs of origin with their destination TYPES OF TRANSPORT ( land : it is the most frequent type of transport road: it is the most commonly used to transfer passengers over shor and medium  railway : it is also used to transfer passengers mechandise and teacher over short and medium idstances , water transport : ships are used to carry merchandise in large quantities by sea of by navigable rivers , air transport : it is used for the transportation og passengers over long distances 
TOURISM: it is the temporary transfer of people and teacher from their place of residdnce to other places CAUSES : the increase in the standard of living the generalisation of the five day working ,pid holidayd, the improvements of the mean sof transport and tourist facilities TYPES OF TOURISM (water ,rural and mountain .

NATURAL RESOURCES AND THE ENVIROMENTAL IMPACT : SOIL SUBSOIL AND TERRAIN RESOURCES : THE SOIL: provides support for population settlements and agrarian activity main meidum for the growth and nourishmetn of woodland plantse and animal as well as the crops SUBSOIL: located below the layer of soil provides human beings with mnerals and rocks TERRAIN : places with sandy beaches or geological formations of great beauty 
RESOURCES DERIED FROM WATER ATMOSPHERIC AND VEGETATION: fresh salt water supplies : essential resource for the survival of living beings, atmosphere : energy sources and climate conditions that favour certain types of leisure activities ,vegetation sources : provide food and raw material for diferences industries 
THE FUTURE OF OUR RESOURCE (SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT : id being  promped globqlly,that is a rationaluse of resources that will allow both present 
THE HUNTER-GATHERED SOCIETIES: consisted of a small population who used rudimentary techniques and lives from hunting,fishing,and gathering of fruit and roots 
THE AGRARIAN SOCIETIES : as a result of the neolithics revolution up until the 18 century ,transformed the way in which resources were obtained from nature 
INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY : that took place during the 19th and 20th centuries established anew economic based on the mass production of goods enormoues quantities of energy 
ALTERATION MADE TO THE RELIEF : caused  by mines and quarries transport infrasctructure 
ALTERATIONS MADE TO THE SOIL ( erosion and desertification: wearing away of the soil is due to deforestation and inappropiated agricultural and lovestock  farming soil pollutuion: it is the result of chemical waste from agriculture and industry as well as the dumping of unclean water adn refuse 

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