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Evolutionism:species transformation results in the appearance of new species. Theories: 1LAMARCK's theory (the inheriteance of acquired charact.) 1809. 3points: 1spontaneous generation caused the appearance of the simplest life forms which became into complex one. 2an internal impulse exists in organisms that pushes them to become better and improve. Enviromental changes can cause the organism to use some ogans more than others 3the charac acquired through their use or disuse are transferred to the next generation. 2DARWIN proposed natural selection (favours the best individuals) he developed his theory due to the observations and comparations between animals and plants he did in his journeys. 4 hypothesis: 1the world is not static but transforming and changing 2change is gradual and continuous 3similar organisms are related and have a common ancestor 4 evolutionary change is a result of natural selection. Based on: 1variability: in any popul, there're variations btw individuals that occur randomly. Some increase the probability of survival and other reduce it. 2struggle for survival: he observed the n of individuals in a popu remains constant over time. The survivors are those more suited to the enviroment. 3the fittest indiv leave more descendants: indiv that have favourable cariations reproduce more succesfully and transfer the fav. Charact that helped them to be succesful

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