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Marketing Channel:

  • Set (chain of interdependent organisations
  • Partners involved in the process of making a product or service available

5 process flows within marketing channel + direction

  • Ownership up
  • Negotiation both
  • Risk both
  • Physical possession up
  • Promotion up

Typical roles of wholesaler

  • Deal with many companies / products
  • Operate in more channels
  • Sell to wholesalers, retailers, other customers
  • High volumes

Typical role of franchiser

  • Provide only necessary services
  • Copy & paste best practice
  • Concentrating the “network team”
  • Achieves economies of scale

Typical roles of retailer

  • Buy goods (from producer, distributor, wholesaler)
  • Selling directly to consumer
  • Contracts (buying) with supplier (margin uplift)
  • Large assortment and variety

5 main pillars

Market potential:

  • Discover demand of the market
  • Identify competitors and their S,W


  • Define the role & pos of prod in portfolio
  • Set roadmap with ambitions and phases

Business plan:

  • Identify most effective way of sourcing
  • Set performance KPIs

Master plan:

  • Describe stages of sales process launch
  • Create internal USP position

Go to market program:

  • Design strat and prog for attr consumers
  • Set realistic account plans

5 typical Channel Management roles:
Selection, motivation, training, evaluation, managing conflict

is the ability of one channel member to get another member to do something it otherwise would not have done

Retail changes:

  • Multichannel capability
  • Gain and understand shopper insights
  • Supply chain performance
  • Co-operative relationship with producers

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