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Intro.Realities and potential of the port: - Is a part of the coast. - Is An urban space. - It is an industrial zone. - It is an intermodal connection Point. - It is a logistics and storage area. - It is a playful and recreational Space for citizens. - It is a commercial zone. - It is an element of the Landscape. - It is an access: a place of berthing and unloading of ships.

- The influence of the logistics function on ports on the Competitiveness of a country's foreign trade is very high, that is why modern Ports should be part of the logistics chain of production, transport and Distribution, so these activities should not be developed as an Independent Link.  - The level of integration is fundamental and this is Achieved by offering a wide range of services, which enhances the capture and Loyalty of the main client of the port: "the cargo." That is why it Becomes so important the specialization of the port.

- Economy:In the port area there is an important activity for the economy of the region or country and in general there are many companies and Institutions that participate in the same, providing their services or carrying Out the tasks they have entrusted. – Logistic chain: Try to decide when and where to carry out all the Activities involved in the chain; In other words, define the logistical Approach for port integration in the chain. - Interface point: The level of integration is fundamental and this Is achieved by offering a wide range of services, which enhances the capture And loyalty of the main client of the port: "the cargo", through its Different terminals.

Port Specialization. What is a port terminal?It is A modal exchanger that usually has a land storage area to coordinate the Different arrivals of goods by sea and land. Its mission is to provide the necessary means and organization so that the Exchange of such merchandise between land and sea modes takes place in the best Conditions of speed, efficiency, safety, respect for the environment and Economy. What aspects should be kept in mind when analyzing a port terminal? A- Loading / unloading subsystem or berthing line. B- Storage subsystem.
C- Receiving and delivery subsystem.
D- Interconnection subsystem. What Information flows does a port terminal handle? 1- The physical flow of Goods.
2- The flow of information (external and internal).

Classifying the terminals from the form of presentation as: --- Manipulation of the cargo: - Bulk cargo: handled in solid and liquid bulk terminals. -  General merchandise (general cargo or break bulk): handled in Containers of general containerized or non-containerized goods.  --- General merchandise and its form of Presentation: - Conventional:  Sacks, boxes,
Semi-bulk (logs, steel Coils, ...), Parts (machinery, structures, ...), Heavy cargo. – Unitized: Palletizing, Pre-slanted, Containers, Platforms. --- Form of handling according to the form of Presentation of the goods:    - Liquid Bulk. – Solid Bulk. - Non-containerized general merchandise. - Containerized general merchandise .

Specialized terminals are classified as: 1- Bulk:
A. Liquid. B. Solid. 2- Of general Merchandise: A. Conventional,
B. Rolled
C. Containers. 3- Multipurpose / Multipurpose.

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