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.3_________, __________, ________________, and ________________ are our foundationTruth, Courage, Faith and Power
4.___________________ is essentialIntegrity
5._____________ is fundamental to all commitmentsAccountability
6.Lifelong ____________ and _____________ are vitallearning and growth
7.Strengthening ___________________ is essential to our vitalitycommunity
8.____________________ sustains usBrotherhood
9.Delta Tau Delta was founded in _____________ at _________ College1858, Bethany College
10.In addition to recruitment, academics, financial accountability and involvement, ____________________ ___________________ is required of all DeltsHonorable Conduct
11.You commitment to recruit new members lasts ________ days a year365
12.The Director of __________________________________ is responsible for the academic program at your chapterAcademic Affairs
13.The four Alpha chapters were ____________, ____________, ___________________, and ________________Bethany, Jefferson, Ohio Wesleyan, and Allegheny
14.The _________________________ Award is given for chapter excellence and the ________________________ Award is given for member academic excellenceHugh Shields Award
Kershner Scholar Award
15.You social and risk management responsibilities are written in the _______________Member Responsibility Guidelines
16.The International President is _______________________________Jim Garboden
17.The fraternity's website address is ________________________www.Delts.Org
18.The Mission of Delta Tau Delta is _____________________________________________Committed to Lives of Excellence
19.The Executive Vice President of DTD is __________________________Jim Russel

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