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stakeholderpPRO*get 2 know stakeholders btr–relative importance,power & interests–btr managed relationships–risks identified*make btr strategies & decisions*greater acceptance of organisation actions by stakeholderscon-*best d1 on continuous basis*assessment of analysis may be subjective*maybe not all stakeholder interests can be met @ the same time–focus on most important stakeholder– balance & reconcile all interests according 2 importance or urgncy.4p-product/service1watdoes da customer want from da product plan/service?2watfeatures does it have 2 meet these needs?3Rder any features U've missed out?4RU including costly features dat da customer 1't actually use?5how&where will da customer use it?6whatdoes it look like?7whatsize,color,& so on,should it be?8watis it 2 be called?9how is it branded?10how is it diffeated vs competors?11what is da most it can cost 2 provide,& still be sold sufficiently profitably?place-1Wer do buyers look 4 yur product or service?2ifdey look ina store,wat kind?3howcan U access the right distribution channels?4doU need 2 use a sales force?5wat do yur competitors add 2 plan,& how can U learn from dat &/ordifferentiate?price1wat is da value of da product or service 2 da buyer?2R der established price points add 2 plan 4 products or service in dis area?3is da customer price sensitive?4watdiscounts should be offered 2 trade customers?5how will ur price compare wid ur competitors?promotion1wer & wen can U get across yur marketing msgs 2 yur tgt market?2will U reach yur audience by advert online,in the press,or on tv,or radio,or on billboards?3whenis the best time 2 promote?4howdo yur competitors do their promotions?Maslow-PhysiologicalNeeds/SaftyNeeds/socialNeeds/EsteemNeeds/SelfActulization.Herzberg-*Studies da job satisfaction&Dissatisfaction arises from two seperate setfactorsHygineFactorsSalary/Security/Status/WorkingConditions/SupervisionMotivationFactorsAchivement/Advancement/Growth/Recognition/Responsibility/TypeOfWork.UAE-1DevEco2FavrbleLoc3FavTax4NoImportTax5OptimalCostB6Visa7BankA/c CSR1EviorEffots2Philathrphy3EthicalLaborPractices4Volunteerng


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